RadStar RS800

RadStar RS800 Continuous Radon Monitor

The professionals' choice for dependable electronic radon measurement

Features Include:

  • Easy-to-read 1 X 16 LCD display
  • Tripod for convenient set-up
  • Optional printer for printing results on site
  • Software CD for downloading to your laptop or desktop PC
  • Internal memory to retain data
  • Extended battery life
  • 3 selectable time-delay options
  • Sensors for measuring relative humidity and temperature
  • Software CD for downloading to your laptop or desktop PC

Accurate and Reliable

  • Continuous measurement of radon gas - Provides hourly and average readings
  • Internal memory to retain data - Unaffected by power shutdown
  • Accurate measurement in a wide range of temperatures and relative humidity
  • Sensors to measure relative humidity and temperature
  • Nominal sensitivity: 0.4 cpm/pCi/L - One of the most sensitive CRMs available


  • Ionization chamber detector
  • Fieldworthy, sturdy construction
  • No moving parts - No pumps or filters to maintain or replace
  • Annual calibration

Easy to Use

  • Minimal setup
  • Easy tripod attachment
  • Serial port for onsite printing (to optional printer) or computer download

Tamper Resistant

  • Keyed operation
  • Keypad lockout
  • Instrument motion sensor



NOTE: RadStars are not available in New Jersey.