Why Shipping Decisions Matter

#1 - Shipping Speed Impacts Quality
[Did you know that radon captured  inside activated charcoal test kits and LS vials naturally decreases during transit to the lab?]

One half of the radon decays every 3.8 days, meaning that a device that takes 4 days to arrive back at the laboratory has slightly less than one half of the radon remaining. In another 4 days, we have less than a quarter of the original amount of radon.  In order to maintain the level of accuracy that we strive for and that our clients expect from us, the arrival goal should be within the first 4 day “half-life”.

#2 - Mail Delays are Increasing
[Samples Often Travel Great Distances]

As a national laboratory, it is difficult to find one shipping option that works for everyone. In recent years we have witnessed a dramatic increase in delays, often resulting in invalid test results. Overall transit times have slowed across the board due in part to the pandemic and supply chain issues and are made worse during the winter months because of the holidays and snow storms. Therefore, depending on where the tests are being performed, different shipping options may be necessary. The new FedEx labels are the best options for those farther away, but for those that are in-state or in a neighboring state, the traditional USPS First Class labels can be purchased directly from us for $3.95 each.  However this service is not guaranteed and is not recommended if you have real estate or contractual deadlines looming.

NEW FedEx Discounts! Take Advantage of our Return Shipping Options and Save.

Retail purchasers using the AccuStar Labs website will be able to choose between Priority Overnight and 2-Day FedEx return service using our shipping discounts. We are passing along our savings to you by offering overnight labels for $38 and 2-day for $21.

Professional clients may have additional service and pricing options so please send an email to our Customer Service Team or call us at (888) 480-8812 for more information.