Liquid Scintillation Vials

I lost the cap to my Liquid Scintillation vial. Can I use another cap or put tape over the device to seal it?

All test devices must be returned to the lab with the original cap. Unfortunately if the devices are returned without the original white AccuStar cap the results will be invalid.

Can I rush my Liquid Scintillation results?

There is no rush service available for the Liquid Scintillation vials. Results for the vials are typically ready the next business day after 4:30 pm.

I received my kit today and I only have one device. The paperwork refers to two devices. Am I supposed to have another device?

AccuStar Labs sells single, double and triple test kits. If you purchased a single test kit you’ll have only received one device. If you purchased a double test kit you'll have received two devices. If you purchased a triple test kit you’ll have received three devices.

How many devices should I use to test?

If you are performing the test for a real estate transaction the EPA recommends that you use the double test kit. The devices should be placed side-by-side 4 inches apart. Having the two devices will ensure a higher level of validity when testing for a real estate transaction.
If you are doing a follow up test after an installation of a mitigation system and the results will be used in a real estate transaction you would need to use the double test kit.
If you are doing a follow up test after an installation of a mitigation system in a home that you already live in you would only need to use the single Liquid Scintillation test kit.
If this is the first time testing your own home for Radon, using a single test kit is fine but in general people want to test in more than one area and purchase the double test kit.
Test kits for NJ tests include 3 devices. Please follow testing instructions carefully.