Alpha Tracks

I am starting my Alpha Track test and I am not sure where to place it in my home. What is the best place?

The US EPA recommends you test the lowest level of the house that is regularly used for 8-10 hours per week. If you are making a follow-up measurement, the US EPA recommends placing a device on each level that is used for living space in your home. Do not test in the kitchen, laundry area, bathroom, crawl space, furnace room or closet. Hang or place each device at least three feet away from exterior doors or windows and at least two feet off the floor. If you want to do a duplicate test, place two devices side by side, 4" apart.

Do I need to open the Alpha Track detector for my long term test?

When you are ready to start the test, cut or tear open the sealed plastic bag that contains the black device. As soon as you open this plastic bag the device is "on" and the test bas begun. Do not remove the VOID sticker or open the black plastic housing or the results will be invalid.

I want to put the Alpha Track device on a shelf. Which side is the top of the device?

The Alpha Track device may be placed face up or face down. It does not matter. You can also choose to hang the device from a string using the small cut out in the black housing of the detector. Once you place the device it should remain undisturbed for 91 to 365 days.

How long do I need to leave the Alpha Track out for before sending it back to the lab?

Leave each device in place and undisturbed for at least 91 to 365 days.

Can I get a test result if I leave my Alpha Track out for less than 91 days or more than 365 days?

You must expose an Alpha Track for at least one month. You cannot get a result for your Alpha Track device if you have left it out for less than 30 days. The maximum exposure time for the Alpha Track is 2 years. If you expose it longer than 2 years you cannot get a result.

Can I "rush" my Alpha Track result?

Yes, you can. Quantity is limited.  Devices must be received before Noon Eastern time.  There is a $25.00 fee per device payable by credit card.  Call AccuStar at 888-480-8812 for information.

When the Laboratory is extremely busy our rush service may be temporarily unavailable. Please call the Lab shown on your data sheet if you have any questions regarding turnaround time.

Should I be careful about where I store an alpha track device before I use it?

Yes. Alpha track devices should be stored in conditioned space. Do not keep your alpha track devices in your vehicle because extreme temperatures could affect their sensitivity.